Freedom of choice

This morning you woke up.Then you chose what clothes you would like to wear, what food you would like to eat and what song you would like to listen to on your way to work. Or if you would like to listen to any songs at all. Everyday, from the moment you wake up, you make choices. Simple ones and big ones.Have you ever realized how many people live in this world without being able to choose?

Millions of people live every day under oppression, under an imposed reality. Millions of people cannot choose what to do, what to eat, what to believe in, what to wear. Millions of people who do not have a choice simply for being born in a specific place. And the trick thing about the world is that NO ONE chooses where they are born….so isn’t this crazy? You didn’t choose to be born in this specific place or being who you are, but this simple fact may give you the freedom to choose or NOT. Are these people happy? How many of these people would CHOOSE differently if they were offered another option? How many people go through their entire lives without even knowing that there is another option somewhere else?

Until last week, I had never realized deeply how lucky I am for the simple fact that I was lucky enough to have wonderful parents who always told me that I am free to choose whatever I want. A religion, a career, a path, or not to have a path. Everyone who reads me right now has the right to choose, and you have no idea how incredibly lucky you are… Simply because you have FREEDOM OF CHOICE.

So have you been choosing well? Have you been living the life you really want for yourself? Have you been choosing the right job? Have you been choosing to date the person you really want to have by your side? Have you been choosing the right friends, the right career, the right actions?

Everyday when you wake up you have the right to choose. Value this. Value this and choose well. Choose to fulfill your dreams and do not accept anything less than what you really want. Because you are lucky enough to be able to choose. I bet that millions of people would give anything to have the life you have, with all your glories and regrets, I bet that millions of people would give anything to be you…simply because you have the right to choose. Freedom of choice is a really powerul and underestimated thing. Realizing this made me cry for hours.

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