Fun Facts About India:

Fun facts about India:

Ok, so in less than 2 days, a lot happened already, and some things just need to be shared! 
Everyone told me that Indian people are crazy about foreigners, so the first 3 facts are about this fact.

#1 – At the airport still in Doha a group of around 10 Indian friends stopped a Japanese girl just to take a photo with her. What they didn’t expect is that she would love that experience, so she also wanted a photo with them, but this time with her camera. After 10 minutes, she came back with a Japanese friend, who also wanted a photo with the Indian group. I guess all Asians are crazy about photos. 

#2 – Yesterday I was at the supermarket, and a GUY stopped to ask me what was the color of my hair. He was holding samples of hair coloration and wanted to find one that matched my hair color. After he found it, he actually bought it.

#3 – This morning, a guy from AIESEC took me to my first day at work. Arriving at the office, he was leading, talking to the doorman so we could get inside. The doorman said something in Hindi like “get out of the way”. We understood that someone else was right behind me and wanted to come in, so all of us step aside. But actually, he was telling the guy to step aside so I would be able walk in. 

#4 – The Indian way of driving. Whoever thinks driving is Sao Paulo is chaotic should come to India and see what real adrenaline is like. Seriously. Cows on the streets, A LOT of cars, people horning all the time for no reason, no sidewalks, no pedestrian signs, traffic lights don’t have much use, and sometimes you can just drive in the wrong side of the road. Cars almost crash all the time, people almost get run over all the time. Looks like a fun driving videogame or something.

#5 – The Indian way of speaking English. Besides the accent, there are some words Indian people use ALL the time, like: “seriously”, “for sure”, “only”, and a very cute way of saying “shit” when they mess something up.

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