About life and loss

One of the downsides of moving to another country is to be away from people you love. It’s very likely that eventually a very tricky question might pop up in your mind: “WHAT IF something happens to someone I love while I am gone?”

Well, this week someone very close to me lost her father. Not only she is my colleague, she is also my roommate, my new sister, one of my best friends here in India. As her father lived in Mexico, and she is living in India, it wasn’t possible for her to go back home in time to attend his funeral.

I’ve mentioned before that India is a place that touches your soul. Something will happen, or maybe just every day life will change you in a way that nothing else can. Just like me, my friend Dafne has been deeply touched by her experience in India, and every day I have the honor to see her growing and turning into an even more beautiful human being.

I cannot describe how lucky I am to ever have met her, and how much I learn from her each day. She teaches me to be strong, to stand up for myself, to dare. A few days ago I told her that out of all the places she could be in right now, India is the one that has a great power to enlighten her soul and help her get through this like no other place.

Yesterday she posted beautiful words about loss, life and love, and I would really like all of you to take a few minutes and just read this. It’s a beautiful lesson about life, love and loss.

Whenever I have decided to go abroad I always try to visit My family and meet my beloved ones before I leave ,because it is a fact that we never know till when we are going to be on earth and I’m not sure if I will be back. I never think in a negative way but I prefer to see them and let them know of much they mean to me before I leave .This experience in India has been incredible , 8 months of different experiences that have made me change in so many aspects but the experience that I am living now has undoubtedly lighten so many things ..
And I know it’s him , it’s my dad , who till his very last minute thought of how he could still help me even when he is not here in a physical way .. He just decided that whatever he could not teach me while he was here he wants to show me through his spirit and soul ,that now is with me all the time ! The main lessons he left me and I wanna share with you is about love, family, and the value of time and forgiveness
Love everyone and everything around you, even the annoying moments , love the pain you feel, love the animals , love pollution , love your flaws , love your friends, family, partners in life , bosses, enemies and those ones who we call strangers , later on you will realize that those “strangers ” are not there just because , it’s not a coincidence you have them on the same bus, flight , office etc … And here is when the value of time shows up .. Take the time to talk to them .. You have no idea how much you can learn from someone who you have never talked to… They are masters in your life too.. Take the time to LIVE …
Enjoy the earth!!! Enjoy this chance !! take the time to be with the ones you care and even with the ones you don’t …you both can learn a lot if you do it cause we meet everyone in our lives to learn shy from them … If we take the time to open our eyes and see with them and our souls we will notice how great life is …Forgive !! Forgive while you are alive , this is a pure act of love  this is why I feel a bit better now cause i was able to forgive those things with my dad’s relationship that were just making my spirit a dark one … Never waste time in fights or stop talking to someone because of pride , always honor your parents and never judge them ..

You may not have the perfect family of you may have the most functional one but they are YOUR family … My dad is really smart and even now that he is not here he wants me to get to know him ,because unfortunately while he was still alive we could not finish this … His perfect plan is that he is showing me that I can find him in the sun , the moon, the beautiful landscapes I can see , the mountains , the lakes , the most perfect smells , a delicious meal , a perfect night with people you love , In a simple smile, in the satisfaction of helping someone …. In each one of YOU, u know who you are , the ones that have not left me alone , the ones that have been taking care of me and don’t allow me to cry , you keep distracting me, you have been awake with me, listening to my dad’s stories, giving me the best hugs ever , your valuable time and shoulders and arms so I can fall apart while you hold me  .. I LOVE YOU , THANKS ..
Thanks for your words , calls , messages even in the distance ..this Indian experience was already incredible and with this it has become a huge chapter of my life and as someone who has become my sister said ; India is the right and perfect country to face this … God’ a
Timings are perfect !!! And i ask this god I believe in to always bless you, never let you feel alone and guide u through your lives.


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